Friday, February 19, 2016

A Message from the Principal

Dear Sunrise Drive Families,

February is a busy month. Over 250 students entered the Science Fair, which caused a need for additional judges to be secured to evaluate the work of our young scientist. Every class experienced rich presentations by local scientists on Science Inquiry Day. Some of the most popular topics included the solar system, physics exhibitions, animal observations, and huboobs.  The Spring Chinese Festival was successful with students enjoying cultural activities and presentations by the Sunrise Drive Chorus and K-3 Chinese Immersion students. The students created four dragons to celebrate the New Year.  The book fair was also highly successful with $1193 in donations of educational materials going into the classrooms!

It is time to wear your boots and hat! Please plan to join us on February 24 for our Rodeo Lunch.  Students will treat us to dancing that they have learned in Physical Education. Please join us at the following times:
o   Kindergarten from 11:30-12:00
o   First Grade from 11:40-12:20
o   Second Grade from 11:20-12:00
o   Third Grade from 12:00-12:40
o   Fourth Grade from 12:20-1:00
o   Fifth Grade from 12:10-12:50
Please remember, there will be no school for Rodeo Break on Thursday, February 25 and Friday, February 26.

We thank you for taking special care in our parking lot during pick up and drop off.  It is critical that all parents and visitors use the Visitor lot. Please refrain from entering the staff lot.  This lot was designed for buses and vans to enter and exit at arrival and dismissal with no other moving vehicles in the area.  When maneuvering through the Visitors Lot please attend to the stop signs and yield to the buses moving in and out of the area. Student safety is the most important part of our work. Please be our SAFE partners and use caution when traveling on campus.

I thank each of you for your patience, as the technical issues related to online registration are resolved. You will be notified once registration becomes available. When it is available, please complete the process as soon as possible.  The student enrollment defines the number of teachers assigned to Sunrise Drive. Variance in enrollment later in the spring or summer may result in larger than desired class size.  Early enrollment provides an accurate student count for each grade level with teacher assignments matching the need.  As you move through the open enrollment process, please contact us if you need assistance.

Mathathon is happening now! The FFO Mathathon is a fund-raiser that supports our students’ learning.  The money raised will fund field trips, artists-in-residence, grade level and school grants, and Sunrise Drive events. The FFO has financially supported the following grants and events this year:
o   Classroom books
o   Garden Supplies and Campus Clean-up
o   Numerous field trips
o   Five teachers attendance at The Arizona Reading Association Conference
o   Principal’s Breakfast
o   Kindergarten Playground supplies
o   Spiders and Cider
o   Spring Chinese Festival
o   Love of Reading
o   Science Night and Science Fair & Inquiry Day
o   Spring Musical and Choir
o   Sunrise Drive Spelling Bee
Student packets are due on March 1. The Mathathon test will be administered on March 8. The Sunrise Drive learning community thanks Debbie Claggett for organizing the Mathathon to support our students. Please consider volunteering to support this fundraising effort. 

Sunrise Drive documented the nationwide recognition of Digital Learning Day on February 17, 2016. Click here to see how our students have deepened their learning with the use of technological tools.

We look forward to seeing you at the Rodeo Lunch. We wish you a wonderful Rodeo Break!

Andrea Davidson

Sunrise Drive Celebrates Love of Reading in March

Rodeo Lunch Invitation for February 24, 2016

Sunrise Drive Science Fair Project Representatives at SARSEF

Congratulations to ALL the students who completed a Science Fair project.

The following scientist will represent Sunrise Drive as they present their Science Fair project at the Southern Arizona Regional Science & Engineering Fair (SARSE​F).

Basil, 2nd grade:  Rocketry: Travel to the Moon, Mars and Beyond
Yash, 2nd grade:  How to prevent Arizona dust storm
Kyle, 2nd grade: Conservation of Energy
Ms. Baker's Class, 2nd grade: Crazy Crystals
Caitlin & Maddy, 3rd grade: Do Soccer Ball Sizes Matter?
Diya, 3rd grade: Does the shape of the parachute affect how fast it falls?
Grant, 3rd grade: Look, That Dog is Wearing Shoes
Jack, 3rd grade: Oil Spills
Vivianna, 3rd grade: Soccer Ball + Pressure =Distance???
Zane, 4th grade: How to Shoot a Model Rocket Into Space
Frances & Jackie, 5th grade: The shocking Truth
Shaurya & Travis, 5th grade: Clean Water: Every Drop Counts
Joseph, 5th grade: Football and Distances and PSI
Liliana, 5th grade: Sleep and the Student
Lily, 5th grade: How a Planet’s Mass Affects Gravitational Orbit Around the Sun

Science Fair and Inquiry Day

The Sunrise Drive students and staff offer a special thank you to the Science Fari and Inquiry Day Committee who worked from November through February to provide a sequence of rich experiences: Anne Gruber, Ritu Pandey, Allie Swanson, and Holly McNulty.

A special thank you for the judges who devoted their time and expertise to critique 120 entries.

Dr. Satish Padi
Ms. Yelena Feinstein​
Dr. Neha Singh
Dr. Irit Askira Gelman
Dr. Laird Close
Dr. Mary Jo Conery
Mr. Rod Thompson
Dr. Lukas Gruber
Ms. Laurie Soloff
Dr. Melcom Levin
Ms. Katherine Morgan
Ms. Amy Bhola
Mr. Alec Perrera
Ms. Gloria Le 

We'd also like to thank the parent volunteers for all of their help.

Xuemei Yang
Belinda Oden
Audrey Moeller
Elizabeth Longenecker
Jim Maland 
Margaret Barber
Marlene Navarro
Laura Herrington
Paula Richards​
Andee Coppel​
Amanda Saffer

Lastly, thank you to all of the Science Inquiry Day presenters.

Anita Wood (Digestive System)
Ilaria Pascucci (Planets)
Daniel Apai (Alien search)
John Ruiz (Stress research)
Adam Henry (Environmental)
Sarah Reitmeyer (Weather)
Jen Cook (Heart)
Carleen Jogodka (Physical therapy)

Teacher of the Year!

2016 CFSD Public Notice of Vacancy

Friday, February 5, 2016

CFSD Teachers of the Year Announcement

Sunrise Drive would like to congratulate 
Mrs. Charlotte Ackerman, 
who is named CFSD Foundation Teacher of the Year!

Sunrise Drive also congratulates the following educators:

  • Jennifer Dooley, Valley View Early Learning Center, CFSD Foundation Teacher of the Year
  • Jackie Goodson, Orange Grove Middle School, CFSD Foundation Distinguished Educator
  • Angela Hill, Catalina Foothills High School, CFSD Foundation Distinguished Educator
  • Catelin Beachy, Esperero Canyon Middle School, CFSD Foundation Distinguished Educator

All five teachers will be recognized at the Teacher of the Year Breakfast on April 10, 2016 at the Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa starting at 10:00 a.m.

Chinese Spring Festival Book Fair is Coming to Sunrise Drive on February 12, 2016

Volunteer for the Sunrise Drive Chinese Spring Festival on February 12, 2016

Sunrise Drive Chinese Spring Festival Announcement- February 12, 2016