Friday, March 10, 2017

Sunrise Drive FFO Announcements

Sunrise Drive Family Faculty Organization

·      Mathathon is one of the largest fundraisers for our FFO and helps fund events and services that directly touch each student at Sunrise Drive. Please register at Thank you for supporting our students through your donation.

·      Please make a contribution to the FFO St. Patrick’s Day Teacher Appreciation Lunch by using the SignUp Genius link.

·      Recycle your ink cartridges and Sunrise Drive Elementary gets money back!
Please bring your used ink cartridges to the office. We have a recycle bin for the small cartridges and the large ones can be placed next to the bin. Recycling is good for the environment, and good for education! Thank you for participating and making our community GREAT!

·      Sunrise Drive students and staff say, “Thank you to our volunteers and Ms. Dover for a successful Rodeo Lunch!”

·      Sunrise Drive students and staff say, “Thank you to our volunteers, Ms. Dover, Nike volunteers, and Converse volunteers for a successful Steppers Celebration!”

·      Sunrise Drive students and staff say, “Thank you to our volunteers for a successful Science Fair and Science Inquiry Day!”

·      Sunrise Drive students and staff say, “Thank you to the FFO for supporting the visiting author, Deborah Hopkins, and purchasing a book for every student during Love of Reading month.”  If you would like to volunteer to read to a class in March, please contact Ms. Davidson at

Sunrise Drive Spring 2017 Standardized Testing Schedule

Spring 2017 Standardized Testing Schedule

AzMERIT Grade 3
Monday, March 27: Writing
Monday, April 17: Reading Part 1/Math Part 1
Tuesday, April 18: Reading Part 2/Math Part 2

AzMERIT Grade 4
Tuesday, March 28: Writing
Monday, April 24: Reading Part 1/Math Part 1
Tuesday, April 25: Reading Part 2/Math Part 2

AIMS Science
Grade 4 Wednesday, March 29

AzMERIT Grade 5
Wednesday, March 29: Writing
Wednesday, April 26: Reading Part 1/Math Part 1

Friday, April 28: Reading Part 2/Math Part 2

Sunrise Drive Mathathon is Here!

A Message From the Principal

Dear Sunrise Drive Families,

We appreciate your support of direct donations to the FFO Spirit of Sunrise and Mathathon fund raisers, which support rich experiences for our students. For example, students enjoyed Deborah Hopkins’ presentation of books and the writing process on Friday. Also, our Science Inquiry Day was enjoyed by students in all grades:
  • Chihiro looked through a telescope and then at the monitor and exclaimed, “Oh my! Is this from space? This is the first time I see something in space!”
  • “In a mine we look for sparkly blue rocks,” explained Zephyr as he “mined” for rocks on the playground after he learned about mining from two engineers.
  • Tyler shared, “The caterpillar forms a cocoon, and then it turns into a butterfly! I liked playing the game! I am looking for a butterfly now.”
  • After the air pressure surrounding his body was altered, Tyler said, “I can’t move. I am stuck! I can feel the difference!”
Sunrise Drive students benefit from the support of the FFO and the volunteers.

We thank you for your commitment to student safety by following our safety procedures:
  • Parking and walking to the Sammy the Snake area to drop off or pick up your child
  • Remaining in your car and having your child exit on the passenger side when using the six loading spaces
  • Refraining from using cell phones in the parking lot while maneuvering your car
  • Using the visitor/parent lot only.  The staff lot is designed for buses only during drop off and pick-up.
Your efforts to register your child for the 2017-2018 school year will support the lowest student to teacher ratio as staffing is assigned to Sunrise Drive this spring. To date, 365 students have registered. We are expecting about 230 more students to register. If you have not registered your student, please do so in the next week so that we may maintain our wonderful staff to serve your child. If you need assistance with the registration process, please contact Ms. Rivera Lopez at 209-7901.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming musical performances:
  • Chorus - CFHS Auditorium on March 21 at 7:00
  • Ms. Baker - Music Room on March 20 at 12:40 
  • Ms. Pennington - Music Room on March 21 at 12:40 
  • Ms. Woodhams - Music Room on March 23 at 12:10 
  • Ms. Gonzalez - Music Room on March 24 at 9:10

Andrea Davidson