Friday, January 29, 2016

A Message From the Principal

Dear Sunrise Drive Families,

We are looking forward to the 2016-2017 school year registration period being in full swing! This year, registration will be online with information being delivered via the ParentVUE portal. Kinder Plus registration is being accepted in the Sunrise Drive front office. I encourage you to complete this registration process as early as possible. The number of Sunrise Drive student registrations will determine the number of teachers assigned to Sunrise Drive. Ultimately, this impacts our teacher to student ratio. Brenda Rivera Lopez is available to answer your registration questions at 209-7900.

The Science Fair will kick off on February 4 where Sunrise Drive will celebrate all the work of the Sunrise Student Scientists. They have worked hard to study many different questions, wonderings and hypotheses. Student Inquiry Projects will be on display in the MPR from February 5 through February 9 and Sunrise Families are encouraged to view the projects at their convenience. The projects will be judged and some students will advance to the Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF) Fair at the Tucson Community Center from March 2 through March 5.

Sunrise will host their Science Day on February 4 where students will get to interact with community scientists through presentations and activities. Each class will have the opportunity to work on a scientist and learn about a variety of topics such as animals, healthy lifestyles, ecosystems and the water cycle.

A special thank you goes to the committee members who helped to coordinate the Science Fair events: Ms. Pandey, Ms. Swanson, Ms. Gruber and Ms. McNulty. These wonderful women also made themselves available to students during lunch to answer questions, offer books and resources, and guide students through filling out the Science Fair registration form. Thank you for all your hard work!

With the Chinese New Year right around the corner, there are a couple of events the Sunrise Drive community should be made aware. Our Chinese Immersion kindergartens through second grade students are eager to participate in the Arizona Chinese New Year Festival at UA Centennial Hall on January 31 at 2:00 p.m. They are looking forward to the performance!

Lastly, on February 12, Sunrise Drive will celebrate the New Year with the Spring Chinese Festival. Please join us for the following:
  • 3:00-7:00 p.m. China Sprout Book Fair in the Chinese Literacy Classroom
  • 5:15-6:30 p.m. Family Picnic with pre-purchased meals through FFO
  • 6:00-7:30 p.m. Cultural Activities in Classroom
  • 6:15-6:45 p.m. Choir and Kindergarten/Third Grade Performances
  • 7:00-7:30 p.m. Choir and First/Second Grade Performances

I wish you a wonderful weekend!


Andrea Davidson

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Friday, January 8, 2016

A Message from the Principal

Dear Sunrise Families,

We are so excited to have your students back at school!  The children arrived on Monday ready to share their vacation experiences.  The joy that they expressed about the time they spent with their family makes us smile.  As you read the following quotes imagine big smiles with their eyes twinkling:

  •            A Kindergartener shared her fancy new outfit, “These (pink pants) are fleece! They are warm.”
  •       A first grader reported showing her fingers, “I went to California to visit my grandma. We stayed one day and a day and Christmas and the day next and the day next. We stayed five days!”
  •       A second grader shared, “It rained so hard at my grandma’s we thought we were going to ride in a boat!”
  •       A third grader shared, “I am coding at home.  I am working on making a Menorah dance.”
  •       A fourth grader announced, “I played soccer with my dad.  I scored against him three times!”
  •       A fifth grader said, “Vacation was wonderful!  We stayed here.  We went to the park and had fun.  It was so much fun to be with my family.”  Another fifth grader said, “My friend came over to my house. We had so much fun!”

This week of rainy weather has been unusual.  We recognize that the wet weather disrupts drop-off and pick-up.  We thank you for your patience and commitment to student safety.  We would like to thank you for following our parking lot safety procedures:

  • Parking and walking to the Sammy the Snake area to pick up your child or using the six loading spaces with care.
  • Refraining from using cell phones in the parking lot while maneuvering your car.
  • Yielding to pedestrians.
  • Using the visitor/parent lot only.  The staff lot is designed for buses only during drop off and pick-up.

We invite you to participate in our traditional Rodeo Lunch on Wednesday, February 24.  Our students love to share lunch with our families at this special event.  Students will celebrate with dances learned in PE. The menu will be turkey or veggie dog, carrots, watermelon, chips and milk/water. The cost for students is $3.00 and $3.25 for adults.  Please plan to attend our event and eat lunch with your child at the times listed below:

o   Kindergarten 11:30-12:00
o   First Grade 11:40-12:00
o   Second Grade 11:20-11:40
o   Third Grade 12:00-12:20
o   Fourth Grade 12:20-12:40
o   Fifth Grade 12:10-12:30

We look forward to seeing you on campus at an upcoming event:

  • CFSD Spelling Bee on Thursday, January 21 at 4:00
  • FFO General Meeting on Friday, January 22 and February 19 at 8:15
  • Kindergarten Show and Tell for new students on Thursday, February 4 and February 18 at 2:00
  • Science Day on February 5 from 8:00-1:30
  • Chinese Immersion Information Meeting for new students on Thursday, February 11 and March 10 at 6:00
  • Spring Chinese Festival, Friday, February 12 from 6:00-7:30
  • Rodeo Lunch on Wednesday, February 24 from 11:20-1:00

I wish you all health and happiness for you and your family throughout 2016!

Andrea Davidson


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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Parent Survey Completion Request

In an effort to keep communication between school and home open and transparent, we are requesting parents of Sunrise Drive students take the following survey regarding the use of ParentVUE and Fall Conferences. We thank you in advance for your feedback.